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About Us

About Yalda Hakim Foundation

Almost two decades since the fall of the Taliban, Afghanistan remains one of the worst places in the world for girls to go to school. Attacks against female students, their teachers, and their schools continue.

The deteriorating security situation and the rise of militant groups like the so-called Islamic State mean the first thing that gets traded off is the freedom of girls and women — and their basic human rights. The statistics are startling. There are 3.5 million out of school children in Afghanistan – 85 percent of those are girls.

What we do

The YHF will provide scholarships for female students to be able to study at the American University of Afghanistan for four years. The scholarships will cover the cost of tuition, books, and accommodation on campus.

Students will be able to pursue undergraduate degree programs in the following fields: Business Administration, Law, Computer Science, and Political Science.

The YHF will work closely with local stakeholders to ensure that these young women have the best opportunity to find employment once their course is complete.

Young women from across Afghanistan will be given the opportunity to apply as part of our nationwide selection process.

Our Reach

One of the goals of The Yalda Hakim Foundation is to identify, promote and invest in the work of local and international advocates and educators.

Through our scholarship program which includes mentorships and internships, we are harnessing the power of technology so that the next generation of Afghan women are in a position to not only reach their full potential but also be equipped with the skills they need to gain employment, both in Afghanistan and internationally. 

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